Boonoo Boonoo NP

Currently approx. 4km of road corrugations from beginning of Boonoo Boonoo Falls Rd.

Basket Swamp NP

Basket Swamp Falls currently inaccessible due to road conditions.

COVID-19 Update

When you visit, please ensure you adhere to all NSW Health advice regarding physical distancing and hygiene.

Basket Swamp National Park

Basket Swamp Falls Photo by Peter Reid

Please be advised that Basket Swamp Falls is currently inaccessible due to road conditions. 

Located 14km north of Tenterfield in New South Wales, Basket Swamp National Park is a woodland park and important wetland area brimming with wildlife.

Featuring meandering swampy gullies, rocky outcrops and heavily forested valleys, Basket Swamp is most suited to self-reliant bushwalkers. It provides exciting bushwalking and hiking opportunities, taking visitors to Timbarra Lookout and providing access to the nearby Basket Swamp Falls and the sacred Woollool Woolloolni Aboriginal Place.

Woollool Woolloolni is a Djuravehl in the Bundjalang language, a centre for spiritual power, which has religious and mythological importance to the Aboriginal people. They believe that a man named Woollool Woollool once had exclusive rights to the Djuravehl, and when he died his spirit returned and caused a physical change to the area – the falling of a rock that was on top of the present balancing rock. This change indicated that it was now safe for anyone to approach the site. Access is via Basket Swamp National Park and visitors are asked to respect this place of great natural beauty and spiritual importance.

Basket Swamp National Park also offers horse riding trails and the Basket Swamp Falls provide rockpools for swimming and exploring. Timbarra lookout is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. The park is home to the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby and vulnerable spotted-tailed quoll, as well as an abundance of bird life.

Access: Unsealed roads, 4WD recommended (or a vehicle with suitable clearance)

Boonoo Boonoo National Park is located directly north of Basket Swamp and has a picnic and camping area with tables and toilet.

Visit the National Parks page to for more walking and cycling trails available in Tenterfield Shire.

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