Following changes to the border zone, we’re excited to welcome back our QLD mates.

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If you have any flu-like symptoms, please do not visit our region, as you may put our community at risk. When you visit, please ensure you adhere to all NSW Health advice regarding physical distancing and hygiene.

Robert Ramsey Mackenzie arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1832, unaware of the role he would play in shaping the town of Tenterfield, or his political involvement with the states of New South Wales and Queensland.

In 1842, he was granted the first official grazier licence for land that would later become know as Tenterfield Station. Robert lived and worked on the land until 1844, when Stuart Donaldson, a London Merchant, took over. It was Stuart that named the property Tenterfield, after his aunt’s home near Haddington in Scotland.

Robert moved to Queensland and in 1859, on separation of the state, became Queensland’s first Colonial Treasurer. He went on to become Premier of Queensland from 1867-1868. In 1868, he succeeded to the Baronetcy of Coul, his birthplace, and returned to Scotland in 1871. He died in Scotland two years later in 1873. The Western QLD town of Aramac was named after him (“R. R. Mac”).

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The Tenterfield Visitor Information Centre has reopened following closures due to COVID-19 restrictions. The centre will be operating via a window service for the time being, and is staffed Monday to Saturday. Phone calls will be answered on Sunday.